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Seeking the Moral Community: Religion, Deviance, & Well-Being Among American University Students.

PI:  Dr. Jerome Koch, Professor
Co-PI for Data Management and Analysis:  Dr. Al Roberts,

Project Data Collection: June 1, 2010 May 31, 2013. 
Project Funding:  E.A. Franklin Charitable Trust, $107,965

Summary: This research surveyed 3610 American university students at 12 different schools, comparing trends and tendencies regarding their religious beliefs and practices, deviant behavior, and measures of their emotional well-being.    

Religion and Religious Tattoos

Religious Tattoos 

Religion and Well-Being

Finding Moral Community -- All 12 Schools.  

The Hypocrisy Factor ...  Creeds and Deeds. 

Gender, Race, Religion, and Well Being

Gender Sex & Drinking at Christian/Public Schools

Tattoos & Well-Being at 6 Public Schools

Sex and Drinking at 4 Private Schools

Second Year:   Descriptives on Religion & Behavior

First year:  Descriptive Stats  &  Initial Analyses.

A Few Early Descriptives on Tattoos/Piercings.


 America's First Baptist Church,
founded by Roger Williams,
Providence, R.I., 1638.

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