Linked below is a page that contains four pictures of highly respected actresses who,
in their 50s and 60s, were filmed topless in movies, television, and in magazines.

The first two are of Academy Award winning actress Helen Mirren. One picture is from a
nude photo-shoot she did for New York Magazine in 2009, at age 64. 
The second is
from the movie "Calendar Girls," released in 2003, when Ms. Mirren was 58.

Academy Award winner Diane Keaton was briefly filmed nude at age 55 in the 2003 movie
"Something's Gotta Give."

Multiple Emmy Award winner Allison Janney appeared topless at age 54 in the 2013
Showtime series, "Masters of Sex."

These photos represent a competing view from popular stereotypes of what is, and what can be
shown, as sexually appealing and attractive.

Helen Mirren was quoted as saying, ‘As you get older, naked stuff gets easier... more to do
with the role than what men in the audience think.  There’s a liberation about it.’ 

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