Prepping for the MCAT and Medical School?

The Medical College Admissions Test now includes a module for Psychology and Sociology.

Below are testimonials from students regarding what they learned in my sections of
Sociology 1301 pertaining to MCAT prep. 

An anonymous comment from the student course evaluation:

I consistently walked away from Dr. Koch's lectures with a new perspective on how I view
the world and how the world views me. I also studied MCAT notes while taking this course
and A LOT of the material covered is EXACTLY what I needed to know which is really neat,
because I feel that everything that Dr. Koch taught me- he has TAUGHT me. It's not material
that I think will ever leave my head. :) I appreciate this course and I truly appreciate Dr. Koch.

The text of an unsolicited email I received from a premed student after completing
the course:

Hello Dr. Koch,

My name is (Name removed) and I recently took your Intro to Sociology class this
past spring semester.  This summer, I am taking an MCAT Prep-Course through
The Princeton Review. If you have not heard, the MCAT added a Psychology/Sociology
to the new format and from taking your class, I can confidently say that it has prepared
me for the MCAT. Everything we have reviewed so far in my class was covered in your class.

It is a great relief to know that I am well prepared for the Psych/Sociology section because
I took your class. | This makes me appreciate your class much more than I did before.
Once again, thank you so much.

Best regards,

(Name removed)

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