Audio files of Dr. Koch's lectures for Sociology 1301 are posted below.  They are .mp3 files.
If you want a good laugh sometime, listen to Abbott and Costello's "Who's On First?

December 2:  Social Change
November 25:   Population and Communities  (Recorded Spring, 2014)
November 20:  Collective Behavior 

November 13:   Government  
November 11:   Economy 
November 6:    Health and Medicine     

October 30:  Religion 
October 28:  Education  "Savage Inequalities" Video for:  Apple/iPad/iPhone  or Windows Media
October 23:   Family       Same Sex Marriage    

October 16:  Dreamworld Video - Click for:  Apple/iPad/iPhone   or   Windows Media  
October 14:  Stratification, Gender, Age   
October 8:  Stratification and Race    
October 6:  Stratification  

September 30:  Deviance 
September 25:  Groups and Organizations  9:30 class   11:00 class 
September 23:  Structure and Interaction  
September 18:  Socialization

September 11:  Culture The SHORT version from this morning.   Culture  The LONG version, recorded Spring, 2014     
September 9:   Methods of Research  
September 4:   Micro Theory   Very useful for test review all semester.
September 2:   Macro Theory  Very useful for test review all semester.
August 28:      Self and Society   
August 26:      Introduction 



All Audio and Video Files from Spring, 2014