Sociology 3383 - Alcohol, Drugs, and Society - Fall, 2015

The Venkatesh Book:   Gang Leader Part 1      Gang Leader Part 2      Gang Leader Part 3

Required Reading      Video Page

Introduction and Logistics  Lewis Black on drinking in  Wisconsin     (Warning - quite vulgar in places.)

Self and Society     Reading:    Sociological Imagination  
The Medical Model.       Readings:    Comparing Theories      ADHD      Trig Palin                 
Sociological Models    Readings:   Tattoos and Reference Groups     Obesity and Social Networks      Jovan.    

    Reading:   How Do We Know It's True?
 Here are the articles I mentioned in the "Methods" lecture:    Frat Rape         Tearoom Trade 

The Scope of Alcohol and Drug Use     Readings:  Historical Trends      College Students, Drugs, & Alcohol
                                                                                     Data:     Alcohol and Drug Use Tables        The WHOLE Enchilada
                                                                                     Links:     Gender, Sex, Drinking, and Religion     

Co-Dependency and Family   Readings:   On Terms Used and Abused       

Health        Readings:    Alcohol Consumption and Mortality      Drugs, Suicide, Mortality     Gov't Research on Needle Exchange     
                                      Drinking While Pregnant I    Drinking While Pregnant II         
                                      An interesting advertisement for Winston Cigarettes          Tobacco Use World-wide      Smoking in China

Crime        Reading:   Alcohol & Domestic Violence      Religion and Partner Violence      Race, Drugs, Prison
Link:  Cocaine penalties re-visited

Treatment            Readings:  AA and Social Networks       Moderation Management                  
                Other Links for this week:                                
                              Professor G. Alan Marlatt - His ideas and Research     Alcohol Management Website    (Formerly Drink-Wise)

Reading:   Harm Reduction       

Race            Readings:   Drug Arrests and Minorities         Driving While Black   

Legalization        Readings:   Legalization         CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta on Weed