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Links to Readings and Handouts are listed below by topic:

Jan 17 -- Introductory Material
 Journal Pages    "Show and Tell."    
                Readings:   Who Goes To Church?  News Summary    Full Research Article

Week of January 22 -- Theory    
                Readings:  The Sociolological Imagination     
                                   Seeking Moral Community    

Week of January 29 -- Methods  
                Readings:  Chaves & Higgins 1992           
                                   Ferraro & Koch 1994              
                                   Under the Radar          

             Handouts:  Basic Research Question   
    Annotated Bibliography & Directions 
                                   Source search "cheat sheet"

               Resources: ASA Style Guidelines:   Quick Tips    Full Meal Deal

                                   The ARDA  (Mass quantities of data and other goodies).

Week of February 5: -- Religion and Solidarity
                 Readings: Elementary Forms (Intro & Ch 1)  
                                   Function of Funerals                                  

Week of February 12:  Religion and Oppression
                 Readings: Religion and Child Abuse
                                   Religion and Partner Violence

Week of February 19: Religion and Health
                 Readings: Does Religion Influence Adult Health?
                                   Paging Dr. Gupta
                                   Doctors' Views

Week of February 26:  Prayer and Healing
                 Guest:       Dr. Ron Cook, D.O.  Braddock Chair, UMC Family & Community Medicine
                 Readings: Prayer Research Review
                                   Types of Prayer
                                   In Vitro
                      News:   Prayer & Meditation    Prayer and AA

Week of March 5:  Religion as Symbolic Interaction
                 Readings: Gay Evangelical         

                                   Protestant Ethic & Religious Tattoo

                  In Class:  The Picture   Liturgies    Dr. Koch's Liturgies
                                   Folk Art    Religious Tattoos 

Week of March 12:  Spring Break

Week of March 19:  Religion and Diversity
                 Guest:      The Rev. Dr. Tom Bohache, Metropolitan Cummunity Church
Diversity and Theology
                                   Good People - Bad Religion
                                   Compulsory Heterosexuality and the Bible? by Dr. Bohache                                           
                 Bonus Reading by Dr. Bohache:  Queering Christianity 
                                                (No journaling required and not for the faint of heart):
                 In the News (also no journaling):  Methodists and LGBTQ 2019

Week of March 26:       Religion and Education
                  Readings:    Science and Religion  
                                       Campus Ministries
                                       Vouchers and Race
                                       Vouchers and Learning

Week of April 2:  Religion and Family
Teen Pregnancy Research 
                                       Teen Pregnancy News
                                       Teen Pregnancy Politics

Week of April 9:        Why Study Religion?
                   Guest:     Dr. Kevin Dougherty, Baylor University Department of Sociology
                 Readings: Religious Tattoos   

Week of April 16:  Religion, Politics, & Economics
                 Readings: Presidents' Religion
                 In the News (No journaling)
:        Trump Evangelicals   Friend of the Court
                                                                          Religious bookstores

                 In Class:   Presidents' religion   Trump's support    Robert Tilton    Joel Osteen

Week of April 23:  Religion and Deviance
                 Readings:       Religion and Sex
                                         Friendship Networks

Religion & Deviance References   (In APA format - No journaling required)
                                         Finding Moral Community  (No joiurnaling required)

Week of April 30:  Bio-Ethics, Genomes, Stem Cells, Clones ...    
                      Readings:   Cloning    Embryos     Eugenics      Stem Cells

May 7:  Wrap-up.  Annotated Bibliography Due.