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Links to Readings and Handouts are listed below by topic:

My Own Country:   Part 1   Part 2    Part 3   Part 4   Part 5  

Jan 27 -- Introductory Material
                     Handouts for the Discussion process each week: 
  Journal Sheet 1       Journal Sheet 2

Feb 3 -- Theory and Methods   
                Reading:    The Sociological Imagination 
                                   Religion and Health Among Black and White Adults 
                                  The Case of the Gay Evangelical        Cadaver Stories    

                Handouts:   Annotated Bibliography Directions                   Components of a Research Paper 
                                     Interpreting Multiple Regression                     ASA Style and Guidelines                     
                                     Introduction Schematic                                     Theory Methods Example

Feb 10:  Demography and Epidemiology
                  Readings:   Textbook Reading Part 1       Textbook Reading Part 2      Epidemiology and Gender

Feb 17:  Health Care and Social Cohesion. 
                  Readings:   The Sick Role Today 
       Bitter Pill

Feb 24:   Health Care and Social Conflict, and the Health Care Industry:   
                 Readings:   Medical Bankruptcy  
     The Elephant in the Room    Hospital Standards and Politics
                                     Obamacare and the Insurance Industry
                        Health Care Realities

Mar 2:  Health and Deviance  
                      Readings:     Drinking     Sex   ADHD
      Under the Radar:  AIDS Ministry in the Bible Belt.

Mar  9:  Health and Religion  
                   Readings:      Does Religion Influence Adult Health?    
 Is Religion a Health Resource for the Poor?    
                                          Chaves and Higgins
                                     Paging Dr. Gupta

March 16:  Spring Break 

Mar 23:  Doctors and the practice of medicine today
                       Readings:  Reform needed 

March 30:  Nurses and Others
                        Reading:  The Nurse Practitioner Will See You Now.

Apr 6:  Prayer and Healing
                       Readings:   Prayer Research Review      In Vitro      Types of Prayer     Doctors' Views

April 13:   Political Economy, Health and AIDS: 
                      Readings:    Beckley and Koch Chapter 2     Beckley and Koch Chapter 6

                      Video Clip:  Philadelphia      Entire Movie:  Philadelphia

April 20:  Bio-Ethics I, Genomes, Stem Cells, Clones ...    
                      Readings:   Cloning    Embryos     Eugenics      Stem Cells

April 27:  Bio-Ethics II, Care of the Dying        
                      The Problem:   The SUPPORT Study
       Support Study Overheads       Debbie
                      The Solution:
   Hospice Care      Hospice Utilization  
                      The Debate:    Emilio Gonzalez    Schiavo 1      Schiavo 2
      Schiavo 3     Schiavo 4     Schiavo 5

May 4:  Student Presentations    Reading:      Presentation Model 1   Presentation Model 2

May 10:  Final paper due