Grace Notes

A Grace Note is a musical term, not theology.  It refers to a “little something extra” in a run of notes
in the musical score. It isn’t necessary for the structure of the composition; it’s literally a bonus.

Mozart’s famous “Rondo Alla Turco” – or Turkish Dance – is full of grace notes.  Click on the title below to listen. 
Pay attention to what seem to be two notes almost trilling in rapid succession.The second of those is the grace note. 
A little something extra.

By way of analogy, I’m using the term Grace Note as "a little something extra" among all the stuff I think about. 
This material goes beyond what I present more formally in class.  An essay.  An image.  A photograph.  A monologue. 
The first of these is a 9 minute or so open mic set I did recently at a local comedy club.  This may well be a one and done.
The title is “Pious and Shallow:  For people wounded by religion.”

Stay tuned. 

The Music: Turkish Dance - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 
Audio Essay: Pious and Shallow:  For people wounded by religion.