Audio files of Dr. Koch's lectures for Sociology 1301 are posted below. 
They are .mp3 files. 
If you want a good laugh sometime, listen to
Abbott and Costello's "Who's On First?

October 11: Gender and Age:  9:30 Class    11:00 Class 
October 9: Social Class  (Stratification)
October 2: Groups and Organizations  NOTE:  RECORDED SPRING 2018!!!!
September 27: Social Structure & Interaction 
September 25: Deviance  Campus Carry/2nd Amendment begins at 56:38
September 20: Socialization    
September 13: Culture 
September 11: Research Methods
September 6: Micro Theory (Interactionist -- Helpful Exam Review!)
September 4: Macro Theory  (Functionalist & Conflict -- Helpful Exam Review!)
August 30: Self and Society  (The Sociological Imagination)
August 28: Introduction 







Audio & Video Files Spring 2018